I made a decision...

So, I've had something on my heart for quite some time now. I have found every reason not to do it but after a while, you run out of excuses. You are faced with the question of " Will you sink or swim?"

For so long, I was content with being in this mediocre place with my dream. Today, I got a message from a friend that pushed me over the edge and reminded me that I have ALOT more work to do.

I used this picture because it reminds me of school.. I'm still learning but now it's time for me to move to the next level with Full Figured Fierce. One thing I have always wanted to do was have my own Week long celebration. I just feel like one day, one show really isn't enough. So, I made a decision. I'm not going to wish and want anymore. I am going to do it. With that being said, March 2019 will be the first ever,

Full Figured Fierce Plus Empowerment Week. There is nothing like it in the city. I don't know that there is anything like it in the state. So, I'm going to make history while making a difference. Win Lose or Draw.. I can say I did it... I faced my biggest fear of living in the unknown... and maybe even succeeding at it.

What fear will you conquer today?

Making History and Healing All at the same time.

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