The Curvy Girl Walk Off

I have often wondered why my city doesn't have something like this.

We are growing by leaps and bounds with new businesses and college kids coming in and out. It's not like we don't have the people.. I guess we just don't have the " right" people connected. Oh well.. I guess I will just have to do it myself. This will be the 3rd year that we do the Full Figured Fierce CURVY GIRL WALK OFF... and I plan to make it bigger and better than the years before.

This year I will say that we had an "issue" but I will NOT let that stop me from doing what I feel is right for my curvy community here. Full Figured Fierce is determined to promote Love of Self and Healthy curves throughout the state and beyond. I know people think that Full Figured Fierce is just " something to do" but it's not to me. I want events that will Encourage, Inspire, and EMPOWER my Curvy Girls to love the HELL out of YOU.. no matter what society says.

So keep this in mind.. because HUNTSVILLE.. I'm coming for you... ALABAMA ... AFRICA... All of that..

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