Why are they LIKE THIS?

Hey ya'll.. Hey..... I know it's been a while but alot has happened in the last year. Haven't been around much but I am getting back to my life. We will talk about that in the next blog.. But right now.. let's get into THIS..

I was scrolling the other day looking for a dress for my friend's wedding and I came across one that I really liked. You have to dig deeper on some of these sites to find the "PLUS" section.. Once I found the dress, I noticed that the smaller model looked amazing with this high split... But then when you look at the beautiful Plus model.. They buttoned her dress all the way to the bottom. * excuse you...?"

Now, in most cases these sites will alter the plus dress to make it appear to be the same. But usually they add features to the dress that make it look like a MOTHERLY instead of a woman. Just because we are plus doesn't mean we want to dress like our mothers or hell... GRANDMOTHERS. This wasn't the case in this dress though, it was exactly the same. One of my friends, who is a fabulous designer, said " maybe they are showing versatility. " I can agree with that. The PROBLEM though is.. they always show the "versatility" on the PLUS girls. If you are going to show it, do it for both. But they never do that.. It's smaller gets sexier, bigger gets more coverage.

I know that these companies are all out for money and I'm not mad at that. What I would like to see more of is companies taking into account that not all PLUS size women want to dress like Old Maids. Some of us, like myself, are in our mid 40's and and very confident in our bodies. Now, do I want to walk around dressed like Cardi B or Meg... No... My taste is Sophisticated not Clubwear. I can wear a high split and shut down the room * pats weave*... as alot of Plus women can.. because it's not about the clothes as much as it is about the CONFIDENCE. But boutiques... don't take away our options because YOU don't think we will look good in it. Let US make that decision. ummkay Boo Boo?

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